Fun with Mandelbrot

I’ve always been intrigued by the Mandelbrot set and the nice images one can render with just that simple recursive formula z=z2 + c. Back in the eighties I rendered images in 320×200 pixels on my Commodore 64, then on my Amiga 500, later on a Macintosh and finally on my subsequent PCs.

Where I had to wait 15 minutes or more to have my mandelbrot calculated on the C64, today with an app on your mobile you can render realtime movies in much higher resolution to a resaonable depth.

Today I want to introduce you to the App ‘MandelBrowser‘ by Tomasz Smigielski. I found it in the Google Play store. It’s free, but you can render higher resolution images when unlocking it and pay some bugs for the professional edition.

Play around with the app! In my optinion it’s the nicest app for Mandelbrot (or lots of other fractal Sets) and has tons of options. Be inspired by some nice images, rendered with MandelBrowser.