RStudio Console hanging?

If you should ever experience a non responsive RConsole within RStudio on windows, try this:

  • Terminate RStudio
    Make sure, RStudio
  • Go to this folder:
  • Delete this folder:
  • Restart RStudio

Now chances are high, that your console is again working fine.

What I had observed

Suddenly, after having installed a new package in RStudio I wanted to do some simple computation in the R-Console within RStudio, and found it to be hanging and CPU-Usage exploding.

Hanging RStudio RConsole for a simple calculation…

Here the CPU usage, triggered by that command… 😛

CPU Usage for hard to solve calcuation… 🙂

Of course the problem was not the hard

How I tracked it down

I experienced this odd behavior today. I realized, that when launching R without RStudio, everything was fine, so the reason had to be related to RStudio. I then removed and reinstalled RStudio (RStudio-1.3.1093), which didn’t help either. When launching RStudio after having it uninstalled completely and reinstalled RStudio from scratch, the console would still be hanging after dropping a simple calculation. However, I was wondering why it still remembered my lately opened files. Then I started looking for metadata files RStudio uses to keep track of IDE settings, opened files and the like and started deleting them step by step, until I found out which made the difference. 😛